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学問の象徴であるペンをかたどった「ハ」とカタカナの「ラ」を組み合わせた文字に中央中。その「中」の真中にHigh Schoolの“H”をデザイン。谷口 富,国分 亮 両氏の原案に母体校である原中学校美術科(当時)の日高祐治教諭ら4名が図案化。開校間近の平成元年1月25日に制定されたものである。

●The School Logo

 The school logo (seen above) is made up of two main parts, a rear triangle shape with the point facing downward, and the front triangle shape with the point facing upward. The front shape resembles the Katakana character "ハ(HA)" and the rear triangle resembles the katakana character "ラ(RA)." Together this represents the school name: "HARA" Chuo J.H.S.
 The upper point of the front triangle represents the tip of a pen which is dipped in ink to write with. This represents "Learning." In the center of the logo is an "H" representing High School.
 The logo was established on January 25th, 1989.